Wi-Fi at the lakefill, Shao sworn in at Senate

Link to story: http://www.northbynorthwestern.com/story/5k-progress-new-president-shao-introduced-at-senat/

Students won’t have to wait much longer for their dream of a networked lakefill to become a reality, thanks to ASG’s new 5k initiative, “Wi-Fi on the Lake.” At Wednesday’s Senate meeting outoing President Austin Young said wireless routers are expected to be installed by the third week of May.

The access point for the wireless connection will be located on top of Regenstein Hall and allow for coverage throughout most of the south end of the lakefill. After hefty bargaining from Young, installation costs will be kept slightly under budget at $4,995.

The 5k committee is currently awaiting a response from NUPD, who may capitalize off the new Wi-Fi by installing security cameras around the lakefill.

Minutes after the announcement, Young’s last as president, Weinberg junior Victor Shao and Medill junior Brad Stewart were sworn in, marking their first ASG Senate as president and vice president.

Before leaving the meeting, Young and outgoing VP Ash Jaidev took time to reflect on all of ASG’s accomplishments during the last year.

“May ASG shine ever brighter,” Young exclaimed before embracing Shao in a congratulatory hug.

In other Senate news:

Hillel reprimanded for disappearance of Schmooze

Hillel was charged with “misconduct” after failing to produce the Jewish magazine Schmoozeduring this year’s Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters. Weinberg junior Girish Pendse of the Student Appropriations Finance Committee said that because Hillel was “forthcoming,” their only punishment will be to return the unused $4,200 in ASG funding for Schmooze. Hillel has promised to gauge more student interest in the magazine and reapply for funding in the future. Deliberations between For Members Only (FMO) and ASG are still underway after FMO also neglected to produce Blackboard Magazine.

Plans for a potential new student center on campus

Northwestern has engaged consulting firm Brailsford and Dunlavey to help assess the need for renovations to Norris or the possible construction of a new student center on campus. The plan is still in its early stages, but representatives from ASG met with the firm Wednesday evening to analyze student opinions.

New committee will centralize all diversity initiatives

At the meeting, senators and members of the new diversity committee – a collaboration between ASG and the Coalition of Colors – met for the first time. Committee chair and Weinberg junior Hayley Stevens created a petition to improve diversity around campus, and the group has met with administration to request the public release of the University’s in-depth diversity report by April 30.

New legislation proposes campaign promise progress reports

New business was proposed that would require newly elected ASG leaders to hold true to the issues they proposed to address during their campaigns. Throughout the year, the President, Executive VP, Student Life VP and Academic VP would report on the progress of their respective projects. Senate members will vote on the enactment of this proposal at the next Senate meeting.

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